Metic Wood Floors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I maintain my floor?
A: Keeping your floor clean by regular vacuum cleaning and cleaning with a slightly damp mop/cloth with a recommended wood floor cleaning product should keep your floor looking beautiful.

Q: How often will my floor require re-sanding?
A: Regular maintenance i.e. buff and re-coat every 1 to 2 years (depending on wear) should eliminate the need for a complete re-sand.

Q: Is it common for small gaps to appear between boards?
A: Yes, this is due to seasonal changes and changes in humidity levels. These factors contribute to slight expansion and contraction between boards.

Q: Solid or engineered?
A: If you have underfloor heating, require soundproofing underlay, or choose extremely wide boards (over 200mm wide) engineered flooring is recommended.

Q: Which is better, lacquer or oil?
A: Lacquer is more hard wearing than oil, however it is more expensive and will require a full re-sand once worn through, where-as oil can be reapplied without re-sanding. An oiled finish creates a more natural looking finish compared to lacquer.

Q: What is an expansion gap?
A: This is a gap which runs around the perimeter of the flooring, to allow the boards to expand in cases where humidity levels are high.

Q: Why is my floor cupping?
A: This is evidence that the floor is absorbing moisture. Check your premises for leaks, and consult a professional.

Q: Is it possible to replace single boards?
A: Yes, if you have a damaged board and have a replacement it is possible to replace individual boards.